Day 5 – Bedlam by the Bus Load

As we closed in on Cochin the frenetic terror dropped to a more manageable low-speed anarchy.

Day 4 – Tuk-Tuks at Dawn

In another thrilling episode of wacky races, the tuk tuk pilots jockeyed for position as we buzzed through the chaos and arrived almost simultaneously at our destination.

Day 3 – Hot Footing it with the Hindus

Temples are ubiquitous across India and so I knew that it was only a matter of time before I found myself shoeless and confused in an Asian house of worship.

Day 2 – The Land Where the Coconuts Grow

If you've never set foot in India before, then Kerala is a great place to start.

Day 1 – A Passage To India

I was roused from my deep OTC drug induced slumber by the rather ample and elderly Indian woman sitting next to me. To be fair, my assumption regarding her size was exactly that, an assumption. In truth, it was hard to distinguish exactly where the masses of sari stopped and the actual person began. The … Continue reading Day 1 – A Passage To India