The Meaning of Zen

Zen Scene


ZEN (noun)

A denomination of Buddhism that seeks attain a state of mind and way of being that incorporates a togetherness of mind, body and spirit, through the practice of meditation, self-contemplation and intuition. Zen encourages practitioners to drop the illusion and see things without the distortions created by your own thoughts and prejudices.

ZEN (adjective)Zen

A calm and relaxed state of mind, without want or desire and free from worry about what cannot be changed. Acceptance of what is, the natural impermanence of things and a deep appreciation of the present moment.

ENLIGHTENED (adjective)

Possessing or showing a well-informed outlook, free from ignorance, prejudice and misinformation. Tolerant of alternative opinions and guided by rational thought. A sense of clarity and understanding, that is often achieved through spiritual awareness or transformation.


To impart knowledge, insight and understanding. To free someone from ambiguity, confusion, ignorance, prejudice and superstition. To shine or shed light on something.

EnlightenmentLIGHTEN (verb)

To make an object less heavy and cumbersome. To lessen the load and reduce a burden. To become more cheerful and lift a person’s spirits.

VOYAGE (noun)

A course of travel or passage to a foreign or distant land. A long journey of discovery and exploration by air, sea or overland.

VOYAGER (noun)

A person who embarks on long and sometimes arduous journeys. A traveller who explores the unknown and boldly goes where others have not.