Lighten the Load … Live the Moment … Love the Journey

About The Zenlightened Voyager

A globe-trotting non-conformist with a grimy past, a sunny disposition and an unquestionably bright future

Enjoying a moment of Zen in the Himalaya

I am passionate about minimalist living, healthy eating, maintaining an active outdoor lifestyle and keeping in step with my ongoing, long term recovery. I also have a somewhat costly obsession with ultralight gadgets and gear, an aggravating inability to stay in one place for too long and an overwhelming desire to see and experience the world beyond my comfort zone.

Overcoming obstacles and reaching new highs every day
Overcoming obstacles and reaching new highs every day

My hope? … Simply to support and inspire others, by sharing the knowledge and enlightenment that I have gained along the way through my many unique experiences and adventures.

Please feel free to follow me on my journey!

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