PCT Day 58 – Back In The Game!

Started: 10:30 @ MM 790.0 Camp below Glenn Pass (Elevation 11,094ft)

Finished: 15:00 @ MM 799.8 Woods Creek (Elevation 8,532ft)

Miles: 9.8

Elevation Gain/Loss: +1,091/-3,653ft

Food: Oatmeal, Cliff Bar, Snickers, Tortilla w/cheese and salami, Trail Mix, Sweet & Sour Chicken w/Rice

Health & Hygiene: 0 Blisters, Days since last shower 2, Days since laundry 2

I woke up hungry, this was a good sign. I ate oatmeal, drank coffee and the events of yesterday started to feel like a bad dream … I was back in the game!

Glenn Pass … definitely not a walk in the park!
Glenn Pass was just over a mile away but with 1,000ft of gain and snow fields to navigate, it certainly wasn’t going to be a stroll in the park. Just as we were about to set off an unlikely union of hikers, 2Bar and MP3, wandered by. They towed along as we made our way up into the ice and snow. The final ascent of Glenn was steep and a little sketchy but I made it up without incident. Things weren’t going quite as smoothly for 2Bar who seemed to be struggling in a pair or unwieldy full mountaineering crampons. Butterfly and Spreadsheet very magnanimously stayed back to help her. Turbo and I waited patiently at the top of the pass.
Hollywood back in the game on Glenn Pass!
When we finally started heading down it was across a precariously steep traverse and then snow, that was fast becoming soft, slushy and a real pain in the arse to navigate our way through. We lost the trail several times and it seemed to take forever to get down below the snow line. At long last we reached Rae Lakes and things became easier. We planned to press on, tackling the first 1,000ft of the next pass … Pinchot!
Storm clods gathering over Rae Lakes.
However, the weather was starting to close in. There were snow flurries and distance rumbles of thunder. We hurried lower and stopped at Woods Creek to have dinner before pushing on for the last 3 miles. As we ate, a Forest Ranger appeared from nowhere. He was a complete bundle of joy … First he warned us about how active bears were in this area, then he delivered a wonderful weather forecast which included a winter storm warning, thunderstorms and 8-12″ snow accumulations above 10,000ft … Great!
More crazy creek crossings as we hurry lower.
Bears, thunder, lightening, a snow storm and I’m at least a 2 day walk from any form of civilisation! I started to question my own sanity. We took a democratic vote on what to do next and it was decided that we should stay put at this elevation rather than press on to anywhere above 10,000ft. As I retired to my tent the rumbles of thunder began again and soon my world was being illuminated by flashes of lightening. I double checked my bear can was securely sealed and ALL scented items were safely stowed away. It was going to be a long night and my one hope was that the bears thought like I did … If I was a bear I would definitely be staying home tonight!

5 thoughts on “PCT Day 58 – Back In The Game!

  1. “As we ate a Forest Ranger appeared from nowhere.”

    The ‘Rae Lakes Loop’ is one of the most popular hikes in the Sierra. It’s a favorite for those coming from the SF bay area since they can gain access from the west. It’s why there’s a ranger station @ Rae lakes, and the entire area has many camping restrictions.

    It starts @ Road’s End in Kings canyon and heads up Woods creek (Paradise valley). It goes over Glen, then passes by Bullfrog (one of the reasons you can’t camp there due to heavy traffic), and then down to Vidette. Rather than head up to Forester, it follows Bubbs creek back to Road’s End.

    If the weather had been nice, you would have come across many, many hikers. The basin below Pinchot is one of my favorites – very remote and hard to access. Other than southbound JMTers, you’ll have the place to yourself until the Dusy basin junction. That’s the usual point of entry for the other super popular loop: the classic Evolution hike.

    Once you near Mammoth & Yosemite, you’re days of being alone in the Sierra will come to an end. So, enjoy the solitude of an early season hike while you can.

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  2. Bloody bollox- lighting , snow and bears! For f sake!!!!!

    There is good news,…..it is told that bears are Terribly afraid of thunder, defiantly they will be home .

    And tomorrow … U shall climb ! Xxx


  3. Yay. Glad you still have cell service. I thought I was going to lose you for awhile. That’s awesome that rangers are out in the middle of nowhere. Glad you are feeling better. In going with the KFC not AMS. 🤑🤑🤑🤑

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