PCT Day 19 – Up The Creek!

Started: 07:05 @ MM 294.1 – Holcomb Creek Camp (Elevation 5,230ft)

Finished: 17:50 @ MM 318.0 – Grass Valley Creek (Elevation 3,343ft)

Water: Drank 5L and still felt dehydrated

Food: Oatmeal, Jerky, Trail Mix, Trek Bar, Sweet & Sour Chicken with Rice, Nakd Bar, Fruit Pastells

Wildlife: 4 Snakes and 0 Bears

Health: 0 Blisters, a few aches and pains after a 24 mile day!

The PCT … Full of Surprises
The PCT continues to surprise me, unfortunately not always in a positive way. The biggest surprise is once again how ridiculously friggin’ cold it is at night! I struggle to get moving and motivated. Hot oatmeal and coffee helps. As usual I set off wearing my happy jacket (it’s actually my down jacket, but I refuse to call it that because it seems too sad, and puffy jacket … well that just sounds gay). Anyway, within about 30 minutes I’m sweltering and have to stop and take everything off. I have been hiking the PCT for over 2 weeks now and I can categorically tell you that I have been temperature “comfortable” for all of about 10 mins … This is another somewhat unpleasant surprise for me, but I am learning to accept!
Deep Creek Sparkling in the Sunlight!

So today was another downhill affair. Basically we would be following Deep Creek all the way to the end of its life. It was a stunning clear, blue sky day and the water sparkled invitingly in the gorge below. However, the trail clung to a ledge high up above and it was alarmingly dry compared to the oasis beneath. From time to time we would cross the creek on a high bridge and for reasons that remain unclear it seemed essential to take a photo on every single one … By the third one I was becoming more creative with the pose!
Creative Bridge Pose … Checkout Those Calf Muscles!
Today also marked one of those big mile markers … 300 done! Another big number today was for snakes. I saw three and the fourth I heard and was very grateful not to have seen. A bit after the lunch time shoe off I rounded a bend to find a very sheepish Chance … “Watch your step here Hollywood” … I could barely make out what he was saying above the racket! It seems Chance had almost stood on a Rattler and needless to say really pissed him off in the process. Thankfully Mr Snake had retreated to a bit of bush but the volume and ferocity of his rattle suggested I give him a wide berth. I scrambled over some rocks and hurried onwards. 

300 Miles Done!
Another first today for me was taking a swim. Thankfully the trail did eventually drop down to the water at a very popular hot spring. This area is frequented by locals as well as thru-hikers. In fact it is a popular “naturalist” spot. As is so often the case with these things it seemed full of old men with their meat and two veg hanging about. I had conjured a somewhat undesirable mental image of hot dog water and so decided to pass on the hot spring. However, a little further along the creek we came upon an accessible pool and braved the colder waters for a refreshing dip. The photo shows Chance cooling off … The photo of me is significantly less flattering!

Chance Chillin’
When the beautiful creek finally came to an end we were left with a long and dry final few miles to reach a camp near water. The Hiker Flash made it too and we enjoyed a most convivial trail family dinner. The night was warm … Finally!

6 thoughts on “PCT Day 19 – Up The Creek!

  1. I have hiked this section a couple of times this year. Deep Creek is a draw but not for me. Some things I would rather not see. 🙂 There are some nice sections through there but hiking for miles on end on a ledge is not my favorite.

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  2. Hahaha…glad you chose to skip the hot dog water. You don’t need a relaxed va…..oh you know the rest! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I seem swing from being either over or under hydrated … I’ll see if I can get some from REI when I get to “Heaven” tomorrow … Can’t wait, so need a zero! Thanks for the tip Hummingbird 🙂


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