PCT Day 15 – Backtracking and Slackpacking

Started: 08:30 @ MM 252.1 – Onyx Summit (Elevation 8,534ft)

Finished: 17:15 @ MM 275.1 – Big Bear Hostel, Big Bear Lake (Elevation 7,260ft)

Water: Drank 3L, 2 cups of coffee and my very first Mr Pibb

Food: Oatmeal, Trail Mix, Fig Newtons, Protein Bar, Sour Octopuss Jelly Things, Instant Mash Potato, Veggies and Sausage, Pecan Pie and Ice Cream.

Wildlife: 2 Bunny Rabbits, 0 Snakes and 0 Bears

Health: 0 Blisters … A few aches and pains, otherwise everything is in great shape.

Great to be back on the trail!
So today we planned to hitch a ride back to the fire closure so that we could complete as many hikeable miles of the trail as possible. We stumbled upon trail angel Donnie at the gas station and he very generously offered to take us us to Onyx Summit, which was right at the closure point. The drive was all uphill which pleased me no end because hopefully it meant that the hike would be all downhill … Hoorah!
Homemade Pecan Pie … The perfect reward for a hard day’s hike!
It was really good to be back out on the trail. The weather was perfect, clear blue skies and a soft cool breeze. The downhill gradient was gentle and the path smooth. I plugged my self into some music and trotted gleefully along. It was to be a pretty long 25 mile day but because we were slackpacking (just carrying the essentials needed for a day hike) it felt super easy and we made great time.When we reached our jumping off point we had no problem hitching back to the hostel. The perfect end to a rewarding day’s hiking was a hot shower, hot food, homemade pecan pie and a proper bed!
Home is where the hostel’s at!
Tomorrow there was the promise of more snow. Do your worst weather but I don’t care. We have a double zero, a cabin and a hot tub to look forward to …

4 thoughts on “PCT Day 15 – Backtracking and Slackpacking

  1. Following your blog…it’s very easy to read and follow. I’ve also been researching gear from your gear list. How are your items holding up? Thanks for posting. And keep up the good spirits!

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    1. So far the only thing I have changed is my base layer. I upgraded to a 260 weight merino because temperatures have been a lot lower than I was expecting. Overall if I could change anything I would have a 10 degree quilt rather than a 20 and would have a hooded down jacket or abase layer with a hood. Other than that I’m really happy with everything. Good luck with your preparations!


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