PCT Day 10 – Time to Idyll a while in Idyllwild

Started: 07:45 @ MM 172.0 – Estimated position, off trail due to fire closure.

Finished: 11:15 @ MM 179.4 – Idyllwild

Water: Drank 2L plus bottomless coffee and soda in town.

Food: Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Hash Browns and Pancakes. Lifesaver Gummies. Pizza and Greek Salad.

Health: 0 Blisters. Feet much happier with short day!

Once again, our reward for a long hard yesterday was a relatively short hike into town today. I was looking forward to a Nero and all the associated Trail Town luxuries, but first we needed to get there. It was a really cold night and I woke several times and had burrow deeper down into my feathery nest to stay warm. When I emerged just after 6am, there was a thin layer of ice on both the outside and inside of my tent! These desert temperatures continue to baffle me.

We finally got underway and had another 8 miles of the putrid fire closure to walk, including 2 miles on the road. I was already totally over this road walking malarkey but I sucked it up and got the job done. Walking into Idyllwild was a great feeling. It is a super cool town and very hiker friendly. The mayor of Idyllwild is a dog called Max … How can you fail to love a town that has a dog for a major! 

Only in America!
 Within minutes of arriving, a wonderful lady randomly approached me and pulled a little bag of homemade chocolate chip cookies from her bag and handed them too me … “You thru-hikers need a little taste of home” she chirped and hurried along to spread her magic elsewhere. Our first stop would of course be breakfast and it didn’t disappoint! 
Thru-Hiker Breakfast
 Next stop was the campground where a herd of hikers were already hanging out. Flat ground was hard to come by but I found some, got myself settled and then headed back to town to resupply for the next section.

All settled on a hard to find flat spot
 The trail has a unique way of keeping you in the moment and I hadn’t until now given much consideration to what lie ahead. It transipres that I have some significant challenges to deal with … another big fire closure (this one with no viable work around), 5,000ft elevation gain and a pretty dismal weather forecast. Chance and I spent the evening scoffing pizza and going over our options, none of which were perfect. For now the plan was to head out in the morning and spend the next 2 days hiking up and over the San Jacinto range (10,000ft) and then re-evaluating the closure section once we reached Ziggy and the Bear’s at Whitewater.

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