PCT Day 3 – Mile Marker Awesome!

Started: 07:10 @ MM 37.7 – Long Canyon Creek

Finished: 17:35 @ MM 55.9 – Oriflamme Canyon

Drank about 4L and peed an appropriate amount … Hoorah!

Wildlife: 1 Dragon, 0 Snakes and 0 Bears

Unidentified Trail Dragon
 Food: PopTart of unidentifiable flavor, proper cooked breakfast, M&Ms given to me by lovely day hikers, Cliff Bar, Beef Stroganoff and Pasta … with a view!

So today was officially the most awesome day on the trail! After another rather sketchy night I headed out of camp on my own with about 3 ½ miles to go until my first resupply town, Mt. Laguna. It took me a while to find my legs, mostly because I was distracted by the rising urge to make like a cat. The path was narrow with a precipitous drop to my left and a steep wooded bank to my right. I pondered how I was supposed to get 200ft away from the trail. Thankfully, the trail grew wide and flat just in the nick of time. My little trowel made short work of the excavation and before I knew it I had dropped the kids off at the park and was back on the trail! 

Make Like a Cat and Drop the Kids at the Park
 Having lightened the load I made good time to Laguna. At Pine House Cafe & Tavern members of the herd came together for a well earned breakfast. Real food and real coffee … It tasted so good! I replenished my food supply at the store and headed back to the trail as quickly as possible. It was easy to get caught in a vortex, I had already lost 2 ½ hours in Laguna and many didn’t make it out. This meant a sad good bye to a few of my inaugural trail family members … Hopefully our paths may cross further up the road. 
Happy Trail Family
 From Laguna I walked alone and for the first time it really felt like I was out there on my own. The scenery took a dramatic turn towards epic and finally I experienced that moment of awe that had thus far alluded me! So this is what the PCT and thru-hiking was all about … I was slowly beginning to understand!
At Mile Marker Awesome
 I met up with Chance at lunchtime for our now ritual shoe and socks off break. After that we pushed on to our camp for the night. When we arrived it was the most amazing spot. Little clearings amongst giant boulders, pearched over 5,000 above the desert valley below. I found a perfect flat spot and pitched my tent before settling down for a sunset dinner with a view that no restaurant could ever come close to matching!
Dinner With a View
 Tomorrow … Laundry and a shower!

6 thoughts on “PCT Day 3 – Mile Marker Awesome!

  1. you are so epic, day 3, and the paparazzi is already circling!

    the mind can go in a thousand directions, but on this beautiful path I walk in peace
    Thich Nhat Hanh

    Look for package @ Warner Springs! xxx

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  2. You are soooo epic, day three and the paparazzi is circling!

    The mind can go in a thousand directions, but on this beautiful path I walk in peace.
    Thick Nhat Hanh


  3. Hello Zen –

    I’m a reporter with the newspaper in Palm Springs, and I’m hoping to find some thru-hikers doing the PCT this year to possibly meet up with while on the trail to spend a day hiking with, talk to about their journey, and write a short story about them for our newspaper, The Desert Sun.

    If you’d be interested in speaking with me, I was hoping you could tell me about when you thought you might be around the Idyllwild area. in hopes we might be able to meet up there or somewhere around there. I know your technology use out there is limited, but you can contact me at nathan.brown@desertsun.com whenever you have a chance.

    Thanks so much, and best of luck!

    -Nathan Brown


  4. Hey , I am following your resupply schedule on my pct trek starting May 18th, can you update on how it is working, what’s working , what isn’t ?

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