PCT Day 41 – Waiting on the Weather

It was such a luxury to have the privacy and space of a room all to myself. Check out wasn’t until 11 o’clock and I was keen to make the most of my time. I got up made coffee and went back to bed. I took another shower, not because I needed one, simply because I could. The very nice lady a reception gave me a plum and I found some moisturizer in the hiker box. What a perfect morning!

Bus full of Hiker Trash!
There was a local bus that went back out to Walker Pass today and it conveniently left town at 12:30. Butterfly, Spreadsheet and Turbo were all planning to catch the bus too. Everything was falling into place very nicely, except for the weather. A small storm system was approaching and none of us fancied being stuck up on Mount Jenkins when it hit.
Stormclouds gathering over Mt Jenkins
Eventually, by a very democratic process, it was decided that we would all camp the night at Walker Pass and set off in the morning, once the storm had passed. Effectively we were taking an on trail zero. Our little crew grew as the day progressed. Deluxe showed up with hot dogs, we built a big fire to keep warm and laughed lots. By hiker midnight everyone was tucked up in their tents, ready for an early start and the final push to Kennedy Meadows!

2 thoughts on “PCT Day 41 – Waiting on the Weather

  1. Zen, you probably don’t remember but I’m the one who identified with your Monty Python reference. I’ve been following your trek closely, congratulations on your many successes so far. I’m planning on hiking the PCT with the class of 2018. I will be retired at the ripe age of 61 then and finally have the time to take my walk. My daughter, trail name Smiles completed the PCT in 2014. Smiles and me will be hiking the Tahoe Ridge Trail in late June. She lives in the Bay Area while I reside in Michigan. The TRT intersects with the PCT in a few places…I’ll track your progress, it would be great to see you on the trail and provide you with a personal at-a-boy…somehow reading your blogs I’ve missed your trail name? Keep up the spirit, you seem to be enjoying the PCT the way its suppose to be enjoyed…Best of luck,


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