PCT Day 1 – Ready, Steady, Go

Started 07:20 @ MM 0.0 – Southern Terminus, Campo

Finished 16:00 @ MM 20.2 – Lake Morena Campground 

Water – Drank 4L, Pissed about 5L … How is that even possible?!?

Wildlife – 2 Bunny Rabbit, 0 Snakes and 0 Bears

Food – Cliff Bar, Lifesaver Gummies, Trail Mix, Tuna & Rice

Healthy & Wellbeing – 0 Blisters, numerous aches and pains!

A Surreal, Humbling and Emotional Experience

Setting out from the southern terminus was a surreal experience. I had spent so many months dreaming about and visualizing this moment that when the moment finally arrived I really wasn’t sure if it was real or still a dream. We snapped a few photos, shivered in the cold desert wind, I took the first of many pees and then there was nothing left to do except walk. I shouldered my 34lb pack and made the first tentative steps on my epic journey. I was humbled by the experience and my eye watered just a little … it was a very cold wind!

The reality of what I was embarking upon very slowly started to seep in. We had started as a herd of 15 hikers but quickly the group fragmented as each of us found our groove. Soon enough I was walking alone and marvelling at the surprisingly lush beauty of the desert. The trail was smooth and easy to follow … I was euphoric and eager to discover everything that lie ahead. 

Only 2,649 More To Go!

By mile 7 I had really found my legs and apart from the all too frequent pee stops, I was rolling along nicely. I decided to push to Hauser’s Creek at mile 15 where I would rest and refuel before tackling the final climb up to Lake Morena. The last 5 miles of the day were pretty brutal and my knees and feet were truly grateful to finally reach camp. 

I set up my shelter, organized my shit (something which seems to take an unfathomal amount of time given that I have virtually nothing), took a cold shower, washed my socks and underwear, cooked dinner, checked the map and water report for tomorrow and finally crawled into bed.
In the morning, I’m going to get up and do it all over again … I must be fucking mad! 

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